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24th September 2018

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Gateway Services

Business setup

Gateway Group helps foreign companies and individuals wanting to start businesses in Abu Dhabi. We start by understanding their product and/or service offering, as well as their goals for entering the Abu Dhabi market, in order that we can help them to understand appropriate business structures, risks and how to mitigate them, regulations and costs.  The Client is then able to make an informed decision about setting up their company in Abu Dhabi to ensure maximum security and control of their business.  Gateway subsequently manages the entire incorporation from submitting initial applications and obtaining approvals through to obtaining the all important Trade License.


Local Sponsor Service

Onshore company formation in Abu Dhabi requires the foreign party to appoint a local partner in some form. Gateway Group has a dedicated, corporate sponsorship platform to provide the services of a local partner or sponsor.  This is a nominee arrangement meaning the foreign party can manage and operate their business 100%.

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Visa Processing

It is mandatory for everyone living and working in the UAE to have a visa and Emirates ID card.  We help our clients through the visa process by ensuring that they are fully aware of what the process involves from the outset, including the fees and document requirements.  Based on their specific situation, we will guide them as to the documents needed, we’ll accompany them to the health screening and point them in the right direction for arranging their health insurance through to finally getting the visa stamped.  Visas are very personal, so our approach is to keep our clients updated of milestones during the process.