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24th September 2018

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Local Partner Service

The UAE’s Commercial Companies Law requires that foreign companies setting up onshore engage with a local partner in the form of a Sponsor for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a National Service Agent for a Foreign Branch or Representative Office. This requirement can be daunting for foreign companies not used to such arrangements in other jurisdictions that they operate in and finding the right partner for their business is incredibly important.
Gateway understands theses anxieties and to reduce the risks, we can provide our Clients with a trusted corporate nominee partner that will give them beneficial ownership of the business, as well as management control.


What are the benefits of the Gateway Group local partner service?

100% beneficial ownership

100% financial control

100% management control

Fixed annual fee

the foreign party retains 100% of the profits

Succession planning

business continuity in the event of the death of the local partner

A structured agreement with a corporate entity

therefore no emotional attachment of partnering with an individual

Exit strategy

whilst we don’t want to lose clients, we appreciate that strategies change, and agree to a simple, three month, written notice period to either liquidate or share transfer

Western managed

western approach to the relationship; no communication barriers; easy access to an experienced, knowledgeable professional; availability and powers for signings.

Engineering local partner

waives/reduces the capital requirements for contracting / engineering companies during the Classification process
Supreme Petroleum Council-approved – ideal for oil and gas companies