• Jenny Hunt

UAE Weekly News Roundup 04/10/20

4th October 2020

Gateway Group's weekly news from Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Welcome to Gateway's fourth weekly business news roundup for the UAE. We hope this collection of business headlines, all in one place, is a helpful resource for companies expanding into the UAE and for companies already doing business here.

Links to articles are in purple. In some instances where the publisher and date is mentioned without a link, it means it was seen in the paper version of the title and no online link was found.

UAE trade license related headlines

UAE bilateral trade relationship headlines

  • SCCI discusses enhancing bilateral cooperation with Romania (WAM 28/09/2020)

  • UAE, US, Israel issue joint statement on establishing strategic vision for energy partnership (WAM 01/10/2020)

  • UAE is keen to develop its commercial relations with Chile (WAM 01/10/2020)

  • UAE, Singapore explore prospects for partnerships in advanced technology (WAM 02/10/2020)

  • SCCI explores opportunities for economic partnerships with Sri Lanka (Khaleej Times 02/09/2020)

  • UAE Ambassador, Australian Deputy Prime Minister discuss cooperation (WAM 04/10/2020)

UAE economy-related headlines

Covid-related headlines

  • Dubai Economy fines 22 businesses, warns 2 for violating COVID-19 guidelines (WAM 27/09/2020)

  • 18 establishments fined, 12 warned for violating COVID-19 precautionary measures, says Dubai Economy (WAM 28/09/2020)

  • Six sports establishments fined over crowds and unmasked patrons (Khaleej Times 28/09/2020)

  • Dubai Economy fines 10 businesses, warns 11 for violating COVID-19 guidelines (WAM 29/09/2020)

  • Dubai Economy fines 5 businesses and warns 3 for violating COVID-19 guidelines (WAM 30/09/2020)

  • Dubai Economy fines 17 businesses, warns 15 for violating COVID-19 guidelines (WAM 01/10/2020)

  • The latest rule changes regarding travel to the UAE (The National 04/10/2020)

Latest Covid-19 stats in the UAE as at 4th October 2020

  • 1,041 New Cases

  • 1,063 New Recoveries

  • 0 Deaths

  • 98,810 Total Cases

  • 88,123 Total Recoveries

  • 426 Total Deaths