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Strategic Human Capital Consultancy


We provide world class assessment-based solutions for selecting, managing and developing your key people.

We will influence the bottom line of your organisation and increase efficiency.

Our programmes will get your multicultural teams working effectively.

We provide uncompromising intelligence to eliminate your organisation's people problems.

Our assessments and workshops will focus your organisation and help you to achieve success through your people.


Strategic Human Capital


Profiling your shortlisted senior caliber candidates using our most sophisticated assessment to measure everything - behaviour, values, practical competencies, dimensions of thought.

Profiling of individuals where there are conflicts in the relationship to identify ways in which to harmonize the difficulties be productive. 

More affordable profiling for your shortlisted junior hires to measures behaviours, driving forces and integration of these. 

DIY version of DISC you can use for candidate screening purposes to measure beahviour. 

Profiling your team to identify if you have the right people in place, appropriately motivated and maximising productivity. Followed by a group workshop to identify key areas for improvement and development.

We deliver maximum value to your organisation & minimise the risk of making a bad hire.

What's In It For You?

Our patented job benchmarking process and cutting-edge assessments help discover the right talent to drive organisational and personal excellence giving you and your staff the best all round HR development intelligence.


Our assessments are specifically designed to engage people at the most relevant level. With 5 Sciences of Performance, we provide a deeper level insight than other assessments currently available.


Our assessments enable our beahioural analyst to utilise valuable critical insight to help individuals and organisations advance to higher levels of engagement, satisfaction and effectiveness.


We help individuals and organisations perform at their maximum best by understanding and applying the unique talents they possess.


Given the UAE boasts over 200 nationalities, assessing existing employees and prospective candidates in their first or preferred language will ensure that communications and results aren’t lost in translation. 

Assessments are available 27 languages including: Arabic, English, Spanish (Americas and España), French (and Français Canadien), Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (and Brazilian Portuguese) Romanian, Swedish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Czech, Bulgarian, Russian and Chinese.


Our assessments are quick and accurate. Candidates can complete the assessment and receive the results in Arabic. Nothing is lost in translation.  The best Emirati candidate is matched to the job and the organisation not just on their qualifications and experience, but also on their behaviour, values, practical competencies and dimensions of thought. This results in employer/employee satisfaction and a happy and productive working environment.  It also reduces longer term recruitment expenses as the employee is more likely to stay in the position longer.


Some Of The Organisations Which Have Benefited

From These

Strategic Human Capital  Services

For the best results, we always work closely with you to supply
the best service option for your specific situation & requirements.
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